Security in online navigation, the use of personal data and trust in transactions assumes that a set of good practices and safety standards are met.
Meet our advice and procedures for safe use.

Identity theft

It's the theft of your personal or financial details, used to impersonate people, open bank accounts, obtain credit or set up businesses.


Phishing typically happens when criminals send convincing looking but fraudulent emails. These phishing attacks will typically encourage victims to enter details on a fake website - which often seems to come from a legitimate organisation.

Phishing text messages

SMS pretending to be from the bank, stating for example that sensitive information about you has been posted onto the Internet and encourage you to visit a web site or that there is a problem with your bank account and encourage you to phone a number. These are fraudulent, attempting to trick you into giving away your personal and security information.

Spotting new scams

Look out for telltale signs, if an offer appears to be too good to be true then it usually is. Stop, think and always report any suspected scam to your bank.